Heat Waste into Electricity

We are driven by a strong breakthrough innovation originating from public research, which will have a significant impact on energy transition: converting wasted heat into clean electricity from industry plants.

Few solutions exist and their accessibility, particularly in terms of costs, remains a challenge. Additionally, there are currently no adapted solutions for low-power and intermediate temperatures applications.

Our mission is to help Industries lower their Energy Expenses with Clean Energy.

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An Impact-Driven Stratup

Generating Green Electricity

We accelerate Energy transition

and support your Green Deal targets

We are ROIste oriented and make you transition economically efficient

We reinforce self generated electricity and your autonomy

Breakthrough Innovation

A prototype is under construction. We're currently working hard in our lab...





Our Team

Experienced and complementarity Team to tackle a significant and groundbreaking problem.

Eric Morelle - CEO

Ingénieur autodidacte

Serial Entrepreneur

including, 1 startup, 1 exit & 1 industrial

Expert Digital & Innovative Projects

Sébastien Thomas - CTO


Mechanical Engineer

Serial Entrepreneur

15 years Areva

Expert Industrial R&D

Euryale Chatelard - CGO


Serial Entrepreneur

Expert Sales, Marketing, Communication & Fundraising

Our Partners

What Our Future Clients Say

"L’innovation portée par ExtraJool est une avancée significative par rapport aux technologies existantes en termes de performances et de simplicité de mise en œuvre. [...] La cible d’ExtraJool axée sur les basses puissances [...] est une option très pertinente car peu d’acteurs adressent ces typologies d’industrie, alors que les sites concernés sont nombreux. "

*Altra* is a global leader in secondary aluminum production with a strong commitment to sustainability and the circular economy. One of our key objectives is to reduce our scope 1 and 2 emissions by 30% come 2030. Therefore, we are interested in technologies that can help us achieve this goal"

*Company name has been changed for confidentiality reasons

"On a du mal à valoriser la chaleur fatale des industries, l'approche de la startup est très intéressante, surtout pour toutes les petites unités, et le fait que le module ne prenne pas de place le rend particulièrement pertinent pour son intégration dans les bases instalées"

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